Morgan Wallen had his day in court this past Friday, but was allowed to skip it.  His attorney was there in his stead.  No plea was entered, and the case was set for another hearing on August 15th.

Morgan’s lawyer said, “Morgan will be here on August 15th, and several things can happen in the case.  We might have a hearing, we might settle the case, or the case might continue.”  So pretty much every option, cool.  It’ll be interesting to see what happens in August.

His lawyer also dropped this gem, “[Morgan] has done what I think we would expect any good person to do when there’s something such as this happens.”

And I guess that means performing three sold-out shows at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville the same weekend of his court appearance.  Just like “any good person would do.”

Here are more Morgan updates:

1.  Chief’s, which is the site of Morgan’s infamous chair-throw, put a sign up on their roof warning people not to do what Morgan did.  The sign says, “Don’t even think about it, you are not Morgan Wallen.”


2.  A security guard stole the show during Morgan’s Nashville tour stop.  (You can check out videos, here and here.)


3.  Morgan Wallen announced that his new bar will be opening in Nashville on Memorial Day weekend.  It’s called “Morgan Wallen’s This Bar & Tennessee Kitchen”.  (Plenty of time to load up on those chair puns while we wait.)

(And, you can check out the setlist from Morgan’s shows in Nashville, here.)