A lot of men don’t realize how many GROIN PICS single women have to deal with when they’re online dating.  Here’s a fun way to deal with them that’s verging on EVIL . . .

Becky Holmes is an author who likes to troll online scammers.  She just published a book this year about romance scams called Keanu Reeves Is Not in Love with You.

She also likes trolling creepy dudes who send her unsolicited photos of their JUNK.  And screenshots from a recent back-and-forth are trending online.

On her birthday, a guy DM’d her a shot of his junk after sticking it through a “Happy Birthday” sign.  But instead of blocking him, she made him think he had a serious ILLNESS.

She sent back a zoomed-in shot of a red mark on his stomach . . . lied and said she had a degree in dermatology . . . and told him it looked concerning.

They had a long back-and-forth where he said things like it doesn’t even itch, and she told him that’s even MORE concerning.  She also said, “It’s going to be a really difficult few months for you.”  (Here’s a censored screenshot.)

He eventually replied back and said he showed the picture to his COUSIN, who didn’t see anything alarming.  But he added that she’s “not an expert like you.”

The whole exchange happened a while back, but she reposted it after the same guy sent her ANOTHER unsavory picture of himself.

This time, she tried to convince him he’d contracted the BUBONIC PLAGUE.  He was more skeptical, but said he’d look into it just in case.

(NY Post)

(Here’s a photo of Becky.)