Maybe things were different back in the GOOD OLD DAYS . . . but schools these days have ZERO TOLERANCE for visitors acting creepy, mysterious, and threatening, even if they’re just joking around.

A school district in Ohio went on lockdown last week, when Bigfoot was spotted walking around the campus . . . and running past the classroom windows.

The sasquatch wasn’t real, obviously.  They later found out that it was a PARENT who was playing a “prank” on the school.  (???)

Some elementary kids were outside at the time, and school officials are being commended for quickly moving them inside to safety.  The lockdown process went off without a hitch, but the stunt caused panic and disrupted the school day.

“Bigfoot” never got inside the school.  The parent was apprehended by a school resource officer . . . and prosecutors are reviewing the case.  It’s unclear if they’ll face charges.

Some people are making light of it online . . . many of them seem to be old-schoolers who say the school “over-reacted” to “innocent fun.”

But many people who have young kids would NOT want a masked person creeping around their kids’ school . . . even if they KNEW it was a parent in a costume.

(Personally, I’d make an example out of this one.  It’d be one thing if it was a student, but this is an ADULT.)

(WKYC / Facebook)

(There’s some footage, here.)