You’ve really gotta like sour stuff to want it in cookie form . . .


Nabisco announced Sour Patch Kids-flavored OREOS are coming next month.  (???)  They’re known for overdoing it on the Oreo flavors, but this might be their weirdest yet.


They released a statement saying “The Oreo brand is always looking for playful ways to excite our fans.  What better and more unexpected way to do that?”


You can pre-order them on the Oreo website, and they hit stores nationwide on May 6th.  They’re a limited-edition thing . . . so even they realize there’s no way anyone wants them long-term.


The whole thing actually started as a JOKE.  Back in 2022, the Sour Patch Kids people tweeted a doctored photo of exactly what they’re now selling. They tagged Oreo in it and said, “What if we actually made them?  That would be fun.”