OLIVIA — The Redwood/Renville Regional Solid Waste Authority (RRRSWA) will deliver new recycling carts, and remove old recycling carts, from all residents and business in Redwood County and Renville County beginning January 4, 2024.  The original plan was for the change to take effect in December of this year, however the dates and process have changed. Recycling cart DELIVERY and recycling cart  

Removal instructions:  

Phase I: RRRSWA Recycling Cart Delivery – You will receive a new cart between January 4, 2024, and February 2, 2024.  

Phase II: West Central Sanitation Recycling Cart Removal – After receiving the new RRRSWA recycling cart, use your old West Central Sanitation recycling cart on your next regular recycling collection date.  This is the week your old cart will be removed. KEEP IT ON THE CURB UNTIL IT IS PICKED UP.  

The RRRSWA says you should notify them immediately if you don’t receive a new recycling cart by February 2nd, or if you notice your neighbors have a new recycling cart but you do not, or if you are a snowbird and need to make recycling cart arrangements when you return to Minnesota.