MARSHALL (KMHL) – The Minnesota Department of Transportation wants people that live or work in Marshall to weigh in on plans for reconstructing Highway 19 and East College Drive in Marshall.

MnDOT says the project is being planned for 2025. MnDOT’s Mandi Schmidt says they’re at the beginning of the project design process.

“Before we really start to look too closely at intersection options or aesthetics, we want to get the public’s input on what’s important to them, as they drive College Drive, Highway 19,” said Schmidt.

MnDOT is asking those who live and work in Marshall to weigh in on a survey about what’s important to them in the future of the highway. She says it only takes a couple of minutes to complete and it’s an important opportunity.

“This is really a once in a lifetime for most people project,” said Schmidt. “We construct a road once every 50 years or more, so the decisions we make now are going to be staying with the community probably long after many of us are not living in that community any longer.

If you’re looking to complete the survey, click here.