Ever been jamming out to the radio at a red light only to realize someone in the next car over saw you? It’s one of those embarrassing “I thought I was alone” moments that makes you wish your car had a trapdoor, like this gem from Minnesota:

Last Tuesday in rural MN, cops got a report of an elderly man strolling down the road with a shotgun in tow! Now, that’s enough to raise an eyebrow or two, right? Well it was for the concerned caller who swears the guy was suspicious because he tried to hide his gun as they drove by. Cue the cop cars.

So, an officer goes to check it out, eventually finding the man who fit the description. But, he didn’t have a shotgun.Turns  out he was just getting his daily walk in and had a walking stick with him, no shotgun in sight! But why would he try to hide a walking stick?He told the cop he likes listening to music on his walks… and eventually admitted he was playing air guitar when the person drove by.His knee-jerk reaction was to stop and hide his stick. So, that’s why he seemed suspicious.

No word on which rock gods were providing the soundtrack to this impromptu performance. But hey, at least now we know: when in doubt, always keep your air instruments under wraps.