MARSHALL (KMHL) – Hold the phone on hemp containing THC in Marshall. The Marshall City Council last night voted to approve an emergency ordinance to establishing a moratorium on the sale of hemp derived THC food and beverages.

According to the emergency ordinance adopted by the council, the moratorium is needed to allow the city time to study hemp-based THC products and establish licensing, rules and sales management controls — similar to how the city handles the sale of tobacco and alcohol.

At the council meeting, Marshall Mayor Bob Byrnes said there is a lot for the city to study and consider including placement behind the sales counter, checking I-D’s, enforcement, compliance checks and licensing and fees.

“This is all because the Minnesota legislature passed the law on July 1st that allows for the sale of hemp-derived THC products in food and beverages, up to five milligrams, but that was the extent of the definition as well as any regulation that would go with it,” said Byrnes.

He added that cities across Minnesota are really in the same situation as Marshall because there has been a product legalized with no regulatory language to go with it.

The moratorium can got go into place any sooner than 24 hours after it was enacted on by the council last night.

Marshall City Administrator Sharon Hanson said the moratorium will buy the city time to decide how it wants to handle the new item.