ST. PAUL (LEARFIELD) – A less-than-enthusiastic endorsement — especially from some Democrats — as Minnesota House and Senate negotiators wrapped up a 20-plus-billion dollar public school funding bill in preparation for a special session likely later this week.
The bill would give school districts a two-percent funding increase per pupil in each of the next two years. It also would continue funding for voluntary pre-kindergarten which is already in place for some Minnesota school districts.
Still not everyone is happy with the agreement.
“It’s agreed to, eventually the democracy has to move ahead with an agreement,” said Sen. Chuck Wiger (D-Maplewood).
Some Democrats had wanted to do more to get additional funding to schools. Sen. Gary Dahms (R-Redwood Falls) said he was a “little disappointed” there wasn’t more reform in the bill, but overall was happy with it.
“There was some really good pieces of legislation in this for rural Minnesota,” said Dahms. “I really appreciate seeing that.”
There is still no word when a special legislative session may occur. Lawmakers and Gov. Walz hoped to have the bills finalized before the Memorial Day weekend.