Kevin Bacon visited the high school from “Footloose” 40 years later.  It’s called Payson High School and it’s in Utah.

Kevin says, quote, “40 years, that just blows my mind.  Things look a little different around here, I’d say the thing that looks the most different is me . . . It’s amazing the power this movie has had to just kind of bring people together . . .

“And connect on the basic ideas there are behind the movie, standing up to authority sometimes, being forgiving to people who are not exactly the same as you, and standing up for your own freedoms and your right to express yourself.”

The students had been campaigning for Kevin to come visit, and even offered to support his foundation,  They pledged to create 5,000 essential resource kits to contribute to the foundation’s goal of 40,000.

Kevin thanked the students for giving back to the community and to those in need.  Quote, “I’m thrilled we’re going to be working here together today.”

(You can see photos here.)