During a 30th anniversary screening of “Pulp Fiction” last week, John Travolta revealed how he snagged the role of Vincent Vega.  Tarantino was a huge fan, and he reached out to John’s agent and arranged a meeting.

So John went to Quentin’s apartment . . . which, coincidentally, used to be John’s apartment back in the day.

They spent almost 24 hours together.  The first thing they did was play John Travolta BOARD GAMES.  Seriously, Tarantino had the board game versions of “Saturday Night Fever”“Welcome Back Kotter”, and “Grease”.

And during each game, Quentin wanted John to randomly throw out lines his character would have said.  (???)

After they were done playing games, Travolta decided to help Tarantino with his finances, since he was a young, struggling artist.  So they sat down and went through everything, and made sure Quentin was on the right path.

A week later, he gave Travolta “Pulp Fiction”.  Why?  He told John, quote, “It was you helping me with my finances.  You had this analytical, theoretical, philosophical viewpoint that I need for that character.”

(Entertainment Weekly)