John Oates is releasing a new album, but the title doesn’t mean what you probably hope it does.  It’s called “Reunion”, but it has nothing to do with Daryl Hall.

He released the title track yesterday, which he actually co-wrote with Jim Croce’s son A.J.

John says, quote, “I began to think about the true definition of the word.  It came together when my 100-year-old father told me that he was making ready to be together with my mother, who had passed away some time ago . . .

“I wanted to write about the idea of reconnecting with the most essential part of our soul and our spirit . . . We recorded it in Nashville with some of my best friends and were able to capture the truth as I envisioned it to be.”

He’s also kicking off a solo tour tonight in New York.

“Reunion” comes out May 17th.  (Ultimate Classic Rock)

(You can listen to the title track here.)