If you didn’t know, Jelly Roll is a guest mentor on this season of “American Idol”.  And a recent performance by a contestant named Mia Matthews brought him to tears.

The song she chose was “Daddy’s Hands” by Holly Dunn as an homage to her late father.   They were filming in Hawaii and Mia mentioned that her dad was Hawaiian, but he died before he was able to show Mia his hometown.

This hit Jelly pretty hard because as soon as she started rehearsing the song, he started crying.  When Mia finished, Jelly said, “I lost my father in 2019.  So brave of you to pick that song.”

And in reference to his own dad passing, Jelly said, “It’s probably the single hardest experience I ever had.”  Then they both shared a hug and cried some more.

He then joked, “Thanks for making me cry.  I hate you.”  This made both of them laugh and then they hugged and said they loved each other.  It was a really sweet moment.

(You can check out the full clip, here.)