Would your BFF do absolutely ANYTHING to help you out of a jam?  Well, maybe they shouldn’t . . .


A 19-year-old woman in El Paso, Texas named Stacie Smith is facing charges after going TOO above and beyond to help out a friend.


She called 911 on Sunday and said her small child was in a car that got stolen.  But the kid didn’t exist.  She was just trying to help get her friend’s car back.


The car WAS stolen, but there wasn’t a kid in it.  Police say she made it up because she thought they’d find the friend’s car faster.


The good news is her idea worked.  Police tracked the car down after an “extensive search.”  The bad news is, she then had to fess up and tell them to stop looking, because there was no child.


They arrested her for filing a false report and held her on $5,000 bond.  It’s not clear if they’ve caught the car thief.