Sometimes the gap between HERO and VILLAIN is narrow . . . although it’s USUALLY obvious for most people. Not in this case.

In an North Carolina neighborhood, a fire sparked chaos, and 37 year old Christopher Miglino  showed up BEFORE the fire department. Christopher whipped out a garden hose & rushed into action battling the fire. But when the REAL firefighters showed up, they repeatedly asked him to leave, and he wouldn’t.

It sounds like Christopher was basically saying, “It’s cool, guys, I’ve got this.” Not exactly a backyard BBQ situation where you can just say “I’ve got this” and flip the burgers.

Not  just that, Christpoher was wearing some kind of authentic looking FDNY fire gear, and also getting in the way of the firefighters doing their job. Christopher must have missed the memo that ‘playing firefighter’ doesn’t come with a badge of honor when you’re blocking the trained professionals from doing their job!

He was hit with three charges.


(Here’s Christopher’s mugshot. Looks exactly like the a guy who would say “It’s chill guys, I’ve got it”)