A Drunk Guy Got Stuck in a Decorative Urn and Had to Be Chiseled Out

Did you see any drunk people do anything embarrassing at a holiday party this year?  Maybe on New Year’s Eve?

A guy in Alabama had a few too many on New Year’s . . . and got himself stuck in a DECORATIVE URN.  Basically, a big planter with no plant in it.

His name is Connor Padgett, and he looks like he’s in his early to mid-20s.  He went to a party in Mountain Brook, Alabama, about 80 miles north of Montgomery.  It almost seems like a work event, because of how people were dressed up for it.

He thought it would be funny to climb into a decorative urn outside and crouch down inside it.  But once he got in, he couldn’t get out.  And a bartender at the party live-tweeted the whole thing.

One video shows him on his side, struggling to work his way out while people try to help him.  It wasn’t fun and games at that point.  He’s VERY stressed.

The second video shows the lead-up, when everyone still thought it was funny.  Then it skips to the end and shows someone chiseling him out with a hammer.

The bartender who live-tweeted it said once Connor was out, he walked around the party pantless for a while, and may have lost his slacks during the ordeal.

But there’s a photo of Connor posing with the broken urn, and he does have pants on . . . along with a fresh drink in his hand.


(Warning:  The first and second videos both include F-bombs and other profanity.  Here’s the photo.)