MARSHALL (KMHL) – Area lawmakers toured the district yesterday and talked about the end of the 2019 legislative session. Sen. Gary Dahms and Rep. Chris Swedzinski had several stops in area communities around the district Tuesday.
At a stop in Marshall this morning, Dahms said overall he thought the end result out of the session was pretty good.
“At the end there was a bill that nobody was super excited about, but nobody felt they couldn’t live with it, so that’s usually when you have a pretty good bill,” said Dahms.
Dahms said there were good things in the bill for education, and he was happy that they were able to offer the first tax reduction in the state in the last 20 years.
One thing in the final agreement that House Republicans were not happy about was a provision that included the continuation of the Health Care provider tax.
“Governor Walz was unrelenting that it was going to stay,” said Swedzinski. “He didn’t get a lot of tax victories, but he did get that tax victory and I think everyone in the state will pay more for health care because of it.”
Lawmakers finished the legislative session with a special session on the Friday before Memorial Day weekend.