MARSHALL (KMHL) – Officials from the National Weather Service and the department of homeland security are warning about flooding concerns around Minnesota this spring.

Officials with the city of Marshall say they’re ready though after last year’s record crest of 19.3 feet on the Redwood River at Marshall.

City Engineer Jason Anderson says that the system worked as it was supposed to last year, so they feel good about flood protection heading into this year.

“That system operated and acted exactly how it was supposed to,” said Anderson. “We were not at or over capacity of the system in how things managed.”

In addition the city’s police officers and emergency responders will be patrolling and monitoring the levies and flood control infrastructure to look for problems. Marshall Director of Public Safety, Jim Marshall says they city has a lot of experience in dealing with flooding.

“Which way water flows and how it flows and what needs to be done, and that’s big,” said Marshall. “We know where to put pumps when pumps are needed to alleviate some of the localized flooding in certain areas.”

Anderson says the conditions are ripe though for flooding with river flows high and the soil saturated. He says they will continue to monitor the situation throughout the rest of winter and spring.