Chris Young got arrested in Nashville on Monday night.  He was drinking at the Tin Roof bar when agents from the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission came in to check IDs and license cards.

For some reason, Chris had a problem with that.  He started questioning the officers, and recording them.  When they left, he followed them to the Dawg House, which is the bar next door.

There, the TABC conducted another routine compliance check, but when they tried to leave, Chris blocked their exit, and even put his hands on one of the agents.  Things escalated from there, so they hauled him to jail.

In addition to disorderly conduct, Chris was charged with resisting arrest and assault on an officer.  Cops say his eyes were “bloodshot and watery” and he was slurring his speech.

Chris was released yesterday morning on $2,500 bond, and he’s due back in court February 16th.


(Here’s his mugshot.)