A 30-year-old woman in Florida named Amber McCann was caught shoplifting from a Walmart last week, and she had NO SHORTAGE of stories for WHY she was stealing.

In a very confusing discussion with the cops, she initially said she was playing a “really fun” game called “21,” where someone grabs as much merchandise from a store as they can . . . walks out without paying . . . and tries not to get caught.

She originally said she dumped the items, along with her purse and ID, in a “random car” . . . and that’s part of the game.  But later she said that it was a rental car that her boyfriend had . . . and that he didn’t know about her theft, because he’s too old to play the game.  (???)

The police eventually figured out which car it was, and found more than $1,000 worth of stolen goods in the backseat.

They also found drugs including marijuana and meth, along with drug paraphernalia and a locked safe with bars of silver, copper, and platinum.  Those weren’t from Walmart, of course.

Amber was charged with grand theft . . . possession of marijuana, hashish, and Alprazolam . . . possession of drug paraphernalia . . . and trafficking of meth.

(Fox 13 News)

(The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office put out video of their fascinating chat with Amber, and there’s a good chance she’s ON SOMETHING.  Either way, she seems very confident about whatever she’s saying.)

(video – Uncensored Profanity.)