What’s the worst possible animal you could find staring up at you while you’re on the toilet?  A spider?  Maybe a snake?

The phrase “TOILET RAT” is trending after a guy in Montreal dealt with one.  His case was just published in a medical journal . . . which is never good.

A 76-year-old man found a rat in his toilet bowl, and decided to remove it himself.  Unfortunately, it bit two of his fingers.  (At least it didn’t bite something else!)

He went to the E.R., where they cleaned the wounds and gave him a tetanus shot.  But he was back less than three weeks later with a fever, headache, stomach pain, and a rapid heart rate.

Not shockingly, it turned out the toilet rat was pretty disgusting.  The guy had a bacterial infection called Weil’s disease that was ravaging his kidneys.

It can be fatal.  But luckily, they treated him with antibiotics and discharged him from the I.C.U. a few days later.

No word on what became of Toilet Rat.


(Live Science)