Maybe this guy should be thanking his ex for the extra motivation.  Either way, tough luck for her . . .

A guy in Melbourne, Australia is opening a new Korean barbecue joint.  And before he even opened for business, he just put up a huge sign to dunk on his ex for DUMPING him when he had no money.

In big block letters, it says, “Hey Sophia.  You broke up with me because I was poor.  Now I have money to open a Korean BBQ.  Are you regretting it?”  (Here’s a photo.  The place is called Chingu Korean BBQ.)

It looks like he actually put up two signs, one on each side of the building.  So he really wanted to make sure she saw it.  No word from Sophia.  But it’s gone pretty viral in Australia, so we’re guessing she’s seen it by now.

Another place in the same area got in on it with a “just desserts” joke.  A donut joint nearby put up their own sign that says, “Yo, Korean BBQ.  Don’t Worry about Sophia.  We have all the dessert you need right here.”

(Daily Mail)