MARSHALL (KMHL) – There will always be a place in Marshall to remember those brave men and women who fought for and even died for our country.

The project at Veteran’s Memorial Park in downtown Marshall to build a veteran’s memorial was recently completed – and inauguration ceremony was held yesterday.

“People wrote a check ultimately payable to the country of up to an including their life and those folks really did that,” said Quentin Brunsvold, Marshall Fire Chief and veteran of the Iraq conflict. “We can say that, but when you truly stop and think about how powerful that really is – that’s where you should really think about it – is standing right here and looking at this.”

Organizers were thankful for all of the support they received for the project – after years of planning and months of fundraising for it.

“With the COVID and all of the unrest, I think it was perfect timing,” said one of the original organizers of the project, Mark Klaith. “It brought the community and the people together, and I think it shows the resilience of us.”

While many communities have veteran’s memorials, organizers still think this park has a regional significance as well.

“This is a park that is really going to be an asset for the entire region, not only for today for generations into the future to recognize all of the veterans, all of the branches of the service and all of the sacrifices that have been made,” said Marshall Mayor Bob Byrnes.

Byrnes added that he thinks its very fitting the park is in the center of downtown Marshall.

Thursday’s ceremony included a flag raising and folding ceremony, remarks from several organizers and community officials and a flyover from a War plane from Ron Fagen’s fleet.