A frontloader is one of those construction vehicles with a big bucket on the front.  Needed to get that out of the way, because this story has two of them . . .

A police department near Atlanta got a call Saturday morning after an ex-employee at a waste management company showed up and took a frontloader for a spin.  His name his Eddie Sanchez, and he’s 38.  They fired him in September.

He was still driving it around their lot when cops got there, but then he took off and started driving down a public road.  Multiple patrol cars chased after him.  But the thing weighs around 75,000 pounds, so they couldn’t do much.

But then a quick-thinking cop went back to the business, where a current employee agreed to hop on a SECOND frontloader and chase him down.

The guy was a few miles away by then.  So they gave the employee a police escort.  And when he got there, he used the bucket on the second frontloader to FLIP him.

It landed on its side, but no one got hurt.  And no property was damaged, besides the frontloader.  A cop’s chest-cam got it all on video.

Eddie is facing charges for theft, obstruction, criminal damage to property, eluding police, and reckless driving.


(Fox News)


(Here’s the video.)