There’s that ad campaign about how “you’re not you” when you don’t get your sugar fix.  And maybe that’s what happened in real life to this crazy guy who NEEDED a pumpkin donut.

A 35-year-old man named Antonio Rosario was arrested after he flew into an UNHINGED RAGE at a Dunkin in New York City a while back.

A worker called 911, and explained that it started when Antonio demanded six pumpkin donuts, but they only had five to sell him.  They told him there’s nothing they could do . . . but he wasn’t having that.

The worker said, “He’s screaming in our face, telling us, ‘You’re gonna [effing] make it.'”

At one point Antonio stormed out, and then came back with a GUN.  Thankfully, no one was hurt.  The cops showed up . . . and arrested him.  And he DID have a loaded semiautomatic gun on him.

He’s facing up to seven years in prison . . . partially because he’s a convicted felon, who isn’t allowed to have a gun.  He’s already served time twice before . . . once for attempted murder.

He just pleaded guilty, but won’t be sentenced until July.

(New York Daily News)  (Here’s the transcript of the 911 call