If you’re an unusually hairy man, maybe steer clear of northeast Washington next month.  Or at least keep your shirt on . . .

A sheriff’s office in Colville, Washington posted a funny update on Facebook . . . after a guy called in to ask if he’s allowed to hunt SASQUATCH.

He said he’ll be coming in from out of town in April . . . wanted to know if bigfoot hunting is legal there . . . and if so, does he need a special license? I guess it’s true what they say: you never know until you ask… about hunting mythical creatures.  It would be perfect if he was planning his trip for April 1st!

They told him it was really more of a question for the Fish & Wildlife Office.  But he said he already called them, and that’s who referred him. Which hey, wouldn’t you kick the can down the road if you had to deal with this guy?

Whoever took the call passed it up the chain of command.  They said he told them he’d wait to hear back, and wanted to clarify he was only interested in bagging a MALE sasquatch.  He “of course” wouldn’t hunt or shoot a female.  (Sexist.)

The chief of police wanted to pass along two pieces of information in case anyone else wants to travel to the area to hunt bigfoot . . .

One:  The guy was asking about an area called Meadow Lake, which is actually in a different county.  So, the sheriff there might have more info.

And two:  He’s pretty sure there aren’t any around, because one of his deputies would have hit one with their patrol car by now.

So remember, if you’re going Bigfoot hunting make sure you check regulations with the CORRECT police department. Plus they might have tips for the best hunting grounds.

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