High school kids have been pulling dumb stunts forever . . . the key is NOT to be charged with a crime. But that’s easier said than done IF you give the police an easy way to identify you…

A 17-year-old student at the Baker High School in New York was arrested for a stunt he pulled last month.

He sent a fax . . . posing as the principal . . . announcing that he was RESIGNING.  He was caught after police realized he put his own cell number on the cover sheet of the fax.  So he was discovered . . . because he didn’t know exactly how faxes worked.

He created fake school email accounts, and used them to send the fax.  He also used the accounts to try to get another student in trouble . . . and get private information about yet another student.  Both of those efforts were unsuccessful.

He was charged with two counts of criminal impersonation.

Maybe he should’ve used some of that new age technology to google “How does a fax machine work?”.

(CNY Central)