Is this guy a psycho, or the best dad ever?  Maybe both?

A 37-year-old dad in Ohio named Adam Sizemore is facing charges after he kept calling his son’s school . . . to complain that they were giving the kid TOO MUCH HOMEWORK.

He called the elementary school over and over on February 29th and March 1st to say his son had so much homework, they didn’t have time to hang out.

That’s kind of sweet.  Except he was verbally abusive to the staff and used “vulgar language.”  They say he threatened the principal at one point and told him he better, quote, “put his big-boy pants on.”

The school eventually stopped picking up . . . so Adam called his LOCAL POLICE DEPARTMENT.  And not just once, but 18 TIMES.

He kept asking to talk to the chief of police, and said things like, “I pay your salary.”  They did put him through, but he got his voicemail and kept calling back.

They told him he could come down to the station and talk to him in person.  But he demanded the chief of police come to his house instead.

That didn’t happen, but several officers did show up to arrest him.  They charged him with menacing and telecommunications harassment, both misdemeanors.

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