Most people have PROBABLY heard parents say, “Watch your mouth, or I’ll wash it out with soap.”  But is it just an idle threat these days?

poll asked people if they’ve ever actually had their parents follow through with washing their mouth out with soap, and about 12% of people said YES.

They didn’t break it down by age, but from the comments, it sounds like it’s more of an old-school thing that isn’t done as much anymore.

(Maybe because not everyone even has BARS of soap these days.  It seems even worse to pour fancy, Bath & Body Works liquid soap in your kid’s mouth.  Also, that stuff is pricey.)  (???)

One person said, “My mom tried to do it with my sister, and she bit down on the bar and swallowed part of it.  My mom completely panicked and that was the last time that happened.”

Another joked, “Soap actually tastes pretty good, from what I remember.”