On Super Bowl Sunday, you can always bet on the boring stuff, like who’s gonna win the coin toss, what color the Gatorade bath will be, and whether or not Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift will get engaged.


(Obviously they will.  Duh.)


But there are even crazier prop bets being offered by Bovada.  Including these:


1.  There’s apparently a 0.1 percent chance that ALIENS will invade Las Vegas, leading to the game ending in a tie.  So you can make big money on that one.  (Don’t those odds seem a little high to you???)


2.  How about this one:  The Chiefs win, Taylor accompanies the team to the White House, where she endorses President Biden. . . and he SNIFFS HER HAIR.  Bovada says there’s a 2 percent chance of that.


3.  Or how about the Chiefs win, and Travis and Taylor announce they’re expecting a baby.  That’s 4.8 percent likely.


4.  How likely do you think it is that the Niners will be leading at the half, then Usher will invite Taylor onstage during the Halftime Show . . . where she performs “Shake It Off” and the Chiefs come back to win the game?


The answer is:  0.4 percent.


5.  Here’s one that’s kinda normal compared to the rest, but still pretty unlikely:  Either quarterback catches one of his own passes.  That’s at 1.3 percent.  (And it DOES happen.)


(You can see some slightly less BATTY prop bets here.  And a bunch of Taylor Swift-related bets here.)