WILLMAR — The owner of a massage therapy business in Willmar, 55-year-old Ying He, was arrested over the weekend and faces multiple criminal charges. Police responded to a report of a woman screaming on Saturday afternoon and found a distressed woman who alleged that He had hit her and restricted her access to basic necessities.

The woman claimed she was confined to a small room at the business when there were no clients. He denied the allegations but failed to provide video evidence of the incident.

The employee revealed she was flown from California to Minnesota for massage work, but He controlled her movements and pressured her into engaging in sexual activities with clients. When she refused, He allegedly threatened her and prohibited her from leaving the business.

Video footage showed He assaulting the woman. Police seized multiple items, including phones and sex toy whips, and collected DNA samples from the premises. He faces one felony count of soliciting prostitution and two misdemeanors.