With all the chaos happening in the world, the chance of “world peace” happening within the next century seems firmly entrenched at . . . 0%.


Someone just asked the internet, “What has a 0% chance of happening in the next 50 years?”  And here are some of the best responses:


1.  George R. R. Martin releasing “The Winds of Winter”.

2.  Someone said, “Leonardo DiCaprio dating someone born before 2000.”

3.  Someone joked, “1982.”  And someone else responded, “But sadly 1984 could still happen.”  (That’s a reference to George Orwell’s dystopian novel.)

4.  This person took it more seriously:  “Humans living underwater . . . because building such habitats is extremely challenging and impractical.”

5.  “Curing all genetic diseases.”  (Yes, “ALL” is a tall order.)

6.  Teleportation.

7.  The Toronto Maple Leafs winning the Stanley Cup.  (They did okay in this year’s playoffs . . . before being eliminated.)

(The Cleveland Guardians could be added, unless that goes without saying.)


8.  “Getting a three-party system that actually matters in the U.S.”

Others said, “Housing becoming affordable . . . and taxes being REDUCED.”


9.  “Karens ceasing to exist.” (???)

10.  Someone said, “My stove, microwave, and wall clocks all showing the same time.”