Airbnb is offering fans a chance to stay in homes from different movies, along with unique events with celebrities.  They’re calling it “Icon” experiences, and they’ll continue to roll out throughout the year.

Here are some highlights:

1.  Carl’s house from “Up”


2.  The X-Mansion from “X-Men ’97”


3.  The Ferrari museum in Italy


4.  Prince’s house from “Purple Rain”


5.  The emotions headquarters in “Inside Out 2”


6.  An intimate Doja Cat performance in a living room


7.  A private comedy show hosted by Kevin Hart with special guests

Most of the experiences are free, or at least under $100 per person.  Since they’re basically promotional events, there will be a limited amount of bookings. If you’re interested in any of the offerings, you have to go to the event’s page to “request” a booking.  Airbnb says more than 4,000 tickets will be given out this year.  Not all of them are available yet.

(EWHollywood Reporter)