If you haven’t heard, there was a small amount of drama between Zach Bryan and Walker Hayes this week.  Zach tweeted his thoughts on Tyler Childers getting his first-ever charting song on mainstream radio.

And instead of just complimenting Tyler, he decided to throw barbs at Walker Hayes for some reason.  He tweeted, “Imagine being radio (whoever the hell that is), hearing ‘Shake the Frost’ and being like ‘no let’s go with the Applebees song.'”

He tried to reel that comment back later by tweeting that he was “not insulting anyone” and it was “meant with humor, not malice.”  Except the shots had already been fired.  But Walker took the high road saying, “Big shout to radio for playing dat Applebees song.  Zach and Tyler praying y’alls continued success.”

Fans were impressed with Walker for his sense of humor and being a good sport, but he came clean, saying, “I confessed that they only saw my best foot forward.  I had a hundred smart a** responses in the chamber that I didn’t fire off.”

But I think Walker got the last laugh anyway because he just posted to his Instagram a funny song in response to the whole fiasco.  The best lyric, “Jesus didn’t die for me so I could fight with Zach Bryan.”

(After Midnite)