Tripadvisor released its list of the best tourist attractions in the world in 2024.  They base it on reviews.  So, what people who recently went there thought of it.


And #1 this year is a famous U.S. landmark.  (!!!)  According to the reviews, the best tourist attraction in the world is . . . The Empire State Building.  If you can deal with the lines, the views are pretty good.


Two other spots in the U.S. made the Top 25:  Iolani Palace in Honolulu is 17th, and Central Park is 18th.  (Iolani Palace is where Hawaii’s royal family lived until 1893.  Now it’s a museum.)


The 10 best attractions in the U.S. also include Alcatraz in San Francisco . . . Graceland in Memphis . . . and New York’s Brooklyn Bridge.


Here are the 10 best attractions in the world . . .


1.  The Empire State Building

2.  The Eiffel Tower

3.  The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam

4.  The Sagrada Família, a church in Spain

5.  The Crystal Caves in the Cayman Islands

6.  The Colosseum in Rome

7.  The Louvre in Paris

8.  Gardens by the Bay, a huge nature park in Singapore

9.  The Milan Cathedral

10.  Abu Dhabi’s largest mosque, the Sheikh Zayed  (shake ZIE-ed)


They also ranked the top amusement parks in the world, and gave the top spot to Disneyland Paris.  #1 in the U.S. is . . . Dollywood.  Disney World is second.