Here’s the latest round of Super Bowl ads and teasers that have been posted:


1.  Jenna Ortega’s grandmothers “Dina” and “Mita” go rogue to chase down the guy who grabbed the last bag of Doritos Dinamita.




2.  Jennifer Beals makes a cameo in the new T-Mobile ad featuring Zach BraffDonald Faison, and Jason Momoa.



3.  Martin Scorsese and his daughter Francesca have become kind of TikTok famous . . . so it was a no-brainer for Squarespace to recruit them for their ad.  A FOUR-MINUTE teaser dropped yesterday.



4.  Here’s Chris Pratt’s Pringles ad.



5.  LL Cool J got a new gig . . . Driving the Coors Light Chill Train.