As always, plenty of insanity surrounded the Super Bowl this year. Here’s a quick round-up . . .


1.  The big surprise for your weird, flat-Earther uncle was when the Taylor Swift conspiracy nonsense DIDN’T come true.  That was a shock.


She was supposed to endorse Joe Biden after the Chiefs won and Travis Kelce proposed to her on the 50-yard-line . . . or something.  The Chiefs did win, and there WAS a kiss.  But no endorsement.  (Obviously, Taylor did orchestrate that final play of the game though, full psyop-style.)


Whoever runs Joe Biden’s Twitter page poked fun at it after the game.  They posted a “Dark Brandon” meme where Biden had laser eyes, and the caption said, “Just like we drew it up.”  (Here’s the post.)


(Donald Trump also appeared to reference the conspiracy thing hours before the game.  He said Taylor should endorse HIM because he signed the Music Modernization Act in 2019, and it would be “disloyal” if she didn’t.)


(Of course, none of this ever ends.  Now the conspiracy people will just say the endorsement plan got scrapped after they figured it out.  Sadly, this is the world we live in now.)


2.  Someone scanned social media posts to find the most popular Super Bowl beer in all 50 states.  And the official sponsor of the game . . . Bud Light . . . didn’t rank first ANYWHERE.


Miller Lite was #1 across the Midwest . . . in New England, Michelob Ultra . . . in much of the Northwest, Coors Light . . . Yuengling in Pennsylvania and a handful of states around it . . . the only state where Budweiser ranked first was Missouri . . . and from California to Florida across the south, it was Modelo.


3.  People still aren’t sick of the “Superb Owl” joke.  So owl photos were all over social media this weekend.  Google searches for it also spiked.


4.  Frito-Lay rebranded the Vegas Strip as “Chip Strip”.  They decked out the Luxor pyramid as a giant Dorito, and built a Cheetos-themed wedding chapel next to the fake Brooklyn Bridge at the New York-New York Hotel & Casino.  Two Frito-Lay employees got married there on Saturday.


5.  Google Trends live-tweeted a bunch of stats on what Americans were searching for during the game.


During the first half, lots of people were asking Google what the “lowest scoring Super Bowl” was.  It was five years ago when only 16 total points were scored in Super Bowl 53.  The Patriots beat the Rams 13 to 3 that year.


Searches for “Super Bowl overtime rules” spiked 4,200% after regulation ended.  The phrase “nail biter meme” also started trending.  And don’t watch a lot of football in general?  “Understanding football for dummies” was a top-trending search during the game.


Alicia Keys’ red piano at halftime caused a big spike in searches for “adult piano lessons near me.”  We’ll see if people actually follow through with that.


And finally, the best question we googled was “Why do football players have TAILS?”  Turns out it was just a lot of people mistyping the word “TOWELS”.  The answer is . . . because football players tend to sweat a lot.