The dust has finally settled on Stagecoach.  And all in all, it seemed like it was a really successful weekend.  Ok, for everyone except maybe Eric Church.

Here are some stories from the festival you might have missed:


1.  Morgan Wallen and Post Malone FINALLY debuted the song they’ve been teasing forever.  It sounds like it’s called, “I Had Some Help”.  Morgan brought Posty out on stage and they shared a big hug.  You can tell how much these guys like each other.

(WARNING:  There’s profanity in the video.)


2.  Nickelback headlined on Friday night and at one point brought out Jelly Roll for a performance of their song, “Rock Star”.

Jelly said, “And just when I thought [tonight] couldn’t get any better, my friends invited me to come sing one of the most iconic rock songs in rock and roll history.”  Chad Kroeger then said, “You’re giving me goosebumps.”

(WARNING:  There’s profanity in the video.)


3.  Jelly Roll was asked what he planned on doing after he was done singing, and he said, “I’m such a nerd, I’m stayin’ all weekend.  Most people hurry in and out and I’m like, ‘You’re crazy!  I’m going to get drunk and be a fan.'”

In addition to appearing with Nickelback, he also got to sing with Willie Nelson, and cook burgers with Guy Fieri.  Dude’s got a pretty cool life.