There’s been a lot of talk about SHRINKFLATION . . . putting snacks and drinks into slightly smaller packages, and charging the same as the larger portions we’re used to.

Well, according to a new study . . . some of us WANT that.  Sort of.

New research out of Georgetown suggests that 54% of Americans want SMALLER portions.  Naturally, those are mostly people who are already proactive about living a healthier lifestyle . . . but still.

That’s for both reduced sizes in food packaging and restaurant portions . . . and that percentage is even higher if they have young children in the household.

If you break that down by generation, it’s most common among older Millennials, with younger Millennials and Gen Z’ers close behind.  Older folks are more likely to want LARGER portions.



(It’s probably a fine line.  Because a LOT of online reviews seem to be focused on the portion sizes, and being TOO small can be a big negative.  I guess the key is:  Shrinking the portions AND the prices.)