Security is so tight at schools across the country that it MUST make senior pranks a big challenge.  But apparently, a BAGPIPE PLAYER isn’t suspicious enough to get stopped at the door.

Students at a high school in Illinois pulled a senior prank on their principal, Mr. Robison, last week . . . by hiring a bagpiper named Scott Whitman to follow him around.  He serenaded Mr. Robison through the halls for a full 60 minutes.

The students admitted the bagpiper was their “Plan B” after they initially tried to hire a mariachi band . . . but that was out of their price range.

Scott said that he’s done a lot of funerals, weddings, and birthdays, but this was his first senior prank.  The students loved it . . . and said it turned out even better than the mariachi band would’ve been.

Mr. Robison was a good sport about it.  He even praised the kids for coming up with something that was “awesome and creative” . . . that was not destructive to the school, or that created a mess for the custodians to clean up.

(Central Illinois Proud)  (You can find video clips here and here.)