No one deserves this . . . even if you might have pregnancy cravings for spaghetti.

A woman in Indianapolis called 911 around 5:00 P.M. last week to report that she’d been the victim of road rage.  She was concerned because she had three kids in her car, and she also happened to be pregnant.

She told police she was turning right, when another driver turned left in front of her.  She admitted to shouting at the other driver, but then the other driver brake-checked her . . . FLASHED A GUN . . . and tailed her.

She said the other driver . . . also a female . . . then threw a full container of spaghetti at her, and it covered her AND her car.  The woman then side-swiped her, and POINTED the gun at her.

The police showed up, and tracked down the spaghetti thrower.  She tried to claim the other woman was the aggressor, but the police didn’t buy it.  They arrested her for intimidation and pointing a firearm.  Thankfully, no one was hurt.