There are two types of people: Those who treat a hotel as if
they’re a GUEST . . . and those who treat a stay like they’re AT HOME.
A new survey asked people about QUESTIONABLE hotel behaviors . . . and
whether they were acceptable or unacceptable. Here are a few of the results:

77% of people say it’s acceptable to take the small bottles of shampoo,
conditioner, and soap home with them.

72% say it’s cool to change to a new bath towel after just one use.

40% say it’s fine to leave the lights on when they aren’t in the room.

37% say it’s cool to wear your pajamas throughout the hotel’s common areas.

24% say it’s okay to let their kids jump on the beds.

19% say it’s okay to take the Bibles home with them. (Apparently the
organizations that provide the Bibles ARE cool with people taking the
Bibles if they need them . . . but this just feels wrong. And the second
section has a COMMANDMENT about NOT stealing.)

16% say it’s cool to host a party (even if it means exceeding the maximum
occupancy) without prior approval.

15% say it’s fine to leave trash around the room when checking out.

11% say it’s okay to talk loudly after 10:00 P.M.

8% say it’s cool to bring a pet, without prior approval.

8% say the towels are considered complimentary to take home with you.

8% say they don’t mind pilfering the hangers.

4% say it’s okay to smoke in non-smoking rooms. Another 4% say they’re “not
sure” if it’s acceptable to smoke in non-smoking rooms.

4% say it’s acceptable etiquette to steal “decorative items from the room.”
(Something tells me the MARGIN OF TROLLS in this survey is 4%.)