This is why we can’t have nice things in 2024 . . .

A new art installation called “The Portal” opened in New York last week, and an identical one opened in Dublin, Ireland.  Each Portal shows a live feed of the other city.  The idea is to let people connect with each other from an ocean away.

But less than a week in, they had to be temporarily shut down . . . after too many people were FLASHING and MOONING each other.  Folks have also been giving each other the finger . . . grinding on the Portal . . . and holding up inappropriate photos, including pornography.

Someone in Ireland also held up a shot of the Twin Towers SMOLDERING.  So people on both sides are being idiots.

Dublin turned theirs off this week so designers could add tech that filters out images on your phone if you hold it up.  It was also supposed to run 24/7, but it sounds like they might start turning it off at night.

The Portals were back up and running yesterday, so hopefully those fixes take.  The artists behind it are hoping to add more of them in other cities around the world.

(Time / Business Insider)