If you’re a high school senior, the WORST news is a college rejection letter.  Actually scratch that.  The WORST news is getting accepted, and then having it RETRACTED.

Georgia State University mistakenly sent about 1,500 “Welcome!” emails for the upcoming school year.  Technically, it wasn’t an official acceptance letter, but the kids who got them definitely got that impression.

The school realized the error, and sent out retractions.  The follow-up notices explained the error . . . and told the students they are still being considered.

Apparently, the admissions process was “incomplete,” and those “Welcome!” emails were just sent out prematurely.

Naturally, a lot of the students were upset.  One mother said, “[Our daughter] won’t talk about it.  She wouldn’t come out of her room all day.  She’s just very disappointed.”  (That’s rough, but life is filled with disappointment, kid.)

Georgia State University says they will now be “TRIPLE-CHECKING” their process to make sure this never happens again.  (If it does, then they will have to start QUADRUPLE-CHECKING.)  (???)

(ABC 30)