The Powerball is up around $1 billion again.  This guy should buy a ticket . . .

A man in Eugene, Oregon walked into a corner store on Thursday called Quicktrips market.  Then right after he closed the door, a RUNAWAY SAWBLADE slammed into the outside wall, right where he’d been standing.

His name is Shane Reimche.  The sawblade came from a nearby construction site.  It’s almost four feet in diameter and came from a circular saw meant to cut concrete.  (Here’s a photo, and here’s the video.)

It came flying in fast and embedded itself more than a foot into the wall.  If Shane had been standing there, he wouldn’t be here today.

He says he immediately started shaking when he saw what happened, and he had trouble talking for a few minutes.  He says his kids came home and hugged him as soon as they saw the footage.

A utility company was repairing a leaky gas valve at an intersection nearby.  They’re blaming an outside contractor for it, and say they’re not using that contractor again until they’ve fully reviewed what happened.

One of the construction workers blamed it on a loose bolt and “potential operator error.”


(Here’s a photo of the blade.)