OLIVIA (LEARFIELD) There will be no charges against an Olivia police officer who fatally shot 32-year-old Ricky Torres in an alley early the morning of July 4th.

“I’m good. He’s got some sawed-off shotgun. Came around the car. I told him to stop. He pulled it on me.”

Officer Aaron Clouse told investigators Torres approached him while he (Clouse) was mounting a trail camera behind a furniture store.  Blue Earth County Attorney Pat McDermott, who reviewed the case, issued a letter that says “given the facts and circumstances, Officer Clouse acted within the law in his use of deadly force.”

McDermott says when Torres’ body was found in the alley, he had a loaded sawed-off shotgun without a serial number in his hands, and a backpack with two fake guns.

The investigation determined Officer Clouse fired four times.  Three shots hit Torres in the torso and one grazed his leg.