Have you ever had one of those mornings when you’re torn between an EVERYTHING BAGEL . . . and a bowl of INSTANT RAMEN?

Nissin Foods has just announced a new limited-edition flavor of Cup Noodles:  Everything Bagel, with Cream Cheese.  (I love how Everything Bagel wasn’t wild enough . . . they had to add the cream cheese.)

It combines ramen noodles with that “Everything” combo of caraway seeds . . . dried onion . . . garlic . . . poppy seeds . . . and sesame seeds, with a cream cheese-flavored sauce.

No, this isn’t an April Fools’ Day prank . . . it’s legit . . . and not super surprising.  Cup Noodles has done a lot of crazy-limited edition flavors in recent years . . . like Pumpkin Spice and “Maple Syrup Pancakes, Sausage, and Egg.”

The Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese Cup Noodles will be available at Walmart and Walmart.com for around $1.20, starting next week.

(Food & Wine / PR Newswire)