COMFREY, Minn. — Heavy rains are blamed for road closures and a mudslide in parts of south-central Minnesota. Residents of Comfrey spent Sunday trying to minimize the damage from the flooding before evacuating. The town received 4.3 inches of rain from Friday, May 12 to Sunday, May 14, which is about how much rain they usually receive throughout the month of May.   

MnDOT says flooding likely caused a mudslide on Highway 68 south of Courtland which closed the road for about six hours Sunday.  A MnDOT spokesman says a couple of vehicles were damaged in the mudslide, but no injuries were reported.   Highway 19 is closed east of Henderson to Highway 169 because of high water on the Minnesota River and Highway 93 south of Henderson also closed Sunday due to flooding from the Rush River.  

Crews plan to re-open these roads when the waters recede.  Some areas of southern Minnesota had more than five inches of rain over the weekend.