The Minnesota department of transportation has begun a project to move stop lines closer to intersections across District 8 in southwest Minnesota.  Stop bars, also known as stop lines, are 24 inch-wide, solid white lines that extend across all lanes in one direction to indicate where to stop.  Stop lines provide drivers with an additional visual reminder to stop before entering or crossing traffic at an intersection. Red reflective strips were also installed on some stop sign posts to make them more noticeable.  The stop bars were placed closer to the intersection to provide drivers better sight lines, shorter crossing or merging distances, and shorter crossing or merging times.  Additionally, the new stop bars will be easier to see from other legs of the intersection so that drivers can more easily identify an intersection’s traffic control, such as a two-way stop versus an all-way stop.  At intersections where the stop line was moved, drivers should come to a complete stop prior to the new stop line.