MARSHALL (KMHL) – You may notice something new in with your Marshall Municipal Utilities bill this month. MMU is starting a new program that allows customers to choose if they would like to have all of their electricity provided by renewable sources.

MMU General Manager Brad Roos says right now about 43 percent of the power used by Marshall customers is renewable energy.

“But if you’d like to green up your policy supply and get to 100 percent green, the other 57 percent of the electrons that come to you can be greened up by participating in our Bright Energy Choices program,” said Roos.

Roos says the nice part about the program is that it’s a voluntary program, and not a mandate. Roos says it does have a cost, about a half cent per kilowatt hour, which he says won’t make a significant impact on your utility bill.

“As an example if you have a thousand kilowatt hours per month, which is an average residential customer this would cost an additional $2.85 per month,” said Roos.

If you’d like to sign up, fill out the information on your utility bill or call the MMU office.